Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club is a top club that has most investment, widest influence, most national members, strongest foreign players and best achievement in China currently. On March 1,2010, Evergrande Group took over Guangzhou team in the era of China League One.South Korean coach Li Zhangzhu, Chinese best footballer Zhengzhi, first Chinese player in Europe Championship Sunxiang and the striker of national team Gaolin joined the team one by one. On June 30, 2011, the club introduced the striker Muriqui,nicknamed “ Brazilian cheetah” successfully at the cost of 3,5 million dollars and broke the record of transfer fee in Chinese professional league. On September 25, 2010, Guangzhou Evergrande won the champion of China League One and entered the Chinese Super League three rounds in advance.

In the season of 2011, five national team members named Zhang Linpeng, FengXiaoting, Yangjun, Jiangning and Yanghao joined the team. The striker Cleo transferred to Evergrande from Fudbalski Klub Partizan at the cost of 3.2 million euros. And then Guangzhou Evergrande introduced South Korean national members Zhao Yuanxi, the defender Paolo in Brazilian League Grêmio and the mid-fielder Renato in Botafogo.On April 2, Evergrande Group spent 50 million RMB on the opening ceremony of Chinese Super League. More than 30 Televisions broadcast all the way. 270 central and local media, more than 600 journalists reported and interviewed in the spot. In July, Guangzhou Evergrande introduced Conca successfully who has won MVP twice in Brazilian League at the cost of 10 million dollars and brought the international giant star for the first time in Chinese League history. Enormous investment brought fruitful reward, Guangzhou Evergrande outshone much more than others and won the champion of Chinese Super League four rounds in advance. It is the first time for Guangzhou team to win the champion of CSL, meanwhile, it also realized the“Kaiserslautern legend”.

Before the fruitful achievement, the investment of Evergrande in football didn’t reduce at all. In August, Guangzhou Evergrande and Spanish Real Madrid signed the strategic cooperation agreement and co-established Evergrande international football club, which has the largest scale in the world. Evergrande laid a solid foundation of Chinese football development in the aspect of Chinese youth training.

At the beginning of 2012 season, Evergrande won the champion of CFA Super Cup. After that, Evergrande ,as the visiting team, beat the champion of Korean League Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors at 5:1 and succeeded to promote in the “death group” which is composed of the champion in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thailand League. Furthermore, Evergrande beat Japanese stronger team Tokyo FC at 1:0 in Knockout round and it is the only Chinese team to enter the final eight. On May,2, Evergrande declared that the best shooter in the world, national member in the team of Paraguay and the shooter in the club of Dortmund Barrios joined the club, the 8.5 million euros of transfer fees of him also surpass that of Conca and he became the most expensive player in the history of Chinese professional league. On May,17, the club declared officially that the world famous champion coach Lippi would become the coach of Evergrande and he is the first world known coach in China, to some extent.

There are 40 players in the first line team of Guangzhou Evergrande. 17 players have been selected as the national members and now 8 players are national members. Guangzhou Evergrande ranked the fist in 2012 CSL with an obvious advantage and it broke the Chinese football record again and again, which will have great influence in the history of Chinese football.